Firearms and Ammunition

One of our most popular services, is the ability to sell and special order firearms and ammunition. We first started selling Henry brand rifles, as they are an American classic when it comes to the traditional rifle for anyone; from collectors to avid hunters. We then began selling a wide selection of handguns, rifles, shotguns, and many accessories to accommodate all firearms. These are located back by our customer service department and are able to be handled when a valid FOID card is shown.

We can also special order just about any firearm, with enough information and time. All we need is the make, model, color, caliber, and any other information of the firearm that is requested, your contact information, and we will get back to you with an estimate on what it will cost. For an questions, call or email us any time.

Make sure to visit our Facebook page, as we like to highlight new and interesting firearms in our "Firearm Friday" posts.

Below we have included our selection of Henry rifles, shotguns, handguns, rifles and our selection of ammunition. Inventory may vary*

View Our Selection of Henry Rifles*

Our Selection of New Guns*

Our Selection of Shotguns*

Our Selection of Ammuniton*

.22/.22 Magnum


9mm Luger/Full Metal Jacket

.38 Special

.40 S&W/Full Metal Jacket

.44 Magnum


.45 ACP





410 Ga.

12 Ga. Rifled

12 Ga. Slug

Inventory of Firearms and Ammunition may vary**

Layaway Policy for our Firearms

New to B&B, is the ability to have a payment plan for our firearms. If you see a firearm that we sell, that you like, you can set up a payment plan with one of our clerks. To the right, is our layaway policy that states all the rules and regulations. If you have any questions pertaining to these rules or about the service, please stop in and talk to one of our clerks.





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