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Welcome to B&B Hardware's first blog post! We are excited to bring this advancement to B&B's arsenal! As a group, we have consolidated that B&B should create an interactive way to help share information about certain topics, products and services for our customers. This blog will mostly share information based on:

- New products and any special information pertaining to them.

- Information and opinions on products that are overlooked.

- Explanations of certain services that we provide that are not well known.

- Explanations on certain areas that are questioned (ex: difference between comparable products).

- Department highlights.

- Information on products that are not known (ex: 10-10-10 on a bag of fertilizer)

And so on and so forth.

We will be updating our blog once or twice a week with new and exciting material.

We look forward to sharing information with our customers and to help our customers know that what they are getting is exactly what they need and why.

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