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Product Highlight: Superzilla/Gunzilla

One of the best products that can be use for an almost all-in-one situation is Superzilla. This product is "The Green Wonder Product" used for many problems such as being:

-A cleaner for stainless steel, wax, tar, oil, hair spray, lipstick, adhesives, permanent marker, caulking, etc.

-A penetrating oil for rusted nuts and bolts, seized locks, etc.

-A lubricant for squeaky hinges, doors, tracks, slides, rollers, bearings, tools, etc.

As a cleaner, Superzilla will remove virtually anything that soap and water won't clean, but is safe enough to use on just about anything as it is a non-hazardous formula. Using "BioBased Formulation" this is a plant based product that is safe for every need and is also CA VOC compliant and contains no CFC's.

Did you spray a little to much and have runoff? Don't worry, this product is soap and water cleanup. This all green product is just what you need to keep in the house, garage, barn, tool box, etc.

We carry these products in:

-10.14 FL oz metal aerosol can with spray nozzle, most common ($9.99)

-8 FL oz plastic spray bottle with nozzle, perfect for on the go ($11.99)

-33.81 FL oz/1 Liter plastic spray bottle with spray handle ($32.99)

But, that's not all....

Also from the makers of Superzilla, comes one of the greatest CLP's, Gunzilla! This product is one of the best overall cleaner, lubricator, and penetration oils for gun owners and enthusiasts. Used by over 400 police departments, 24 Federal Law Enforcement Agencies, military personnel in Iraq and Afghanistan, and hunters alike, this is the perfect overall gun cleaner for you.

But what does it clean? Gunzilla removes:





-Black Powder

-Plastic Particles

-And neutralizes and cleans the residue left by corrosive primers

In black powder guns, Gunzilla eliminates using water to clean and oil to lubricate. Gunzilla's unique formula breaks the bond of the carbon molecules and turns them into a sludge-like liquid. Gunzilla can be left on any metal part for an indefinite amount of time and leave no damages to it. Gunzilla is safe even for polymer frames of guns such as Glock guns. It can even be used to clean wood and plastic stocks; simply wipe them dry after cleaning! Some combat units have even given testimonials saying that they can get more sleep when they return from a mission because it is quicker to use Gunzilla than any other product!

As a lubricant, Gunzilla is more slippery than most gun oils and petroleum based lubricants. Since the formula is non-ionic, Gunzilla does not attract or retain sand, dust, dirt or other debris which can interfere with good lubrication. Gunzilla is used as a dry lubricant in the desert and is left moist in temperate or wet climates. The dry lubricated coating left by Gunzilla after it is wiped off the action parts is one reason why weapons lubed with Gunzilla have greatly reduced weapon malfunctions and jams in the Iraq and Afghanistan environments!

Gunzilla also provides a superior rust protection than most gun oils and lubricants do. Gunzilla automatically removes rust while it is cleaning. After being wiped off after cleaning, Gunzilla leaves a protective layer of lubricant to help fight against rust.

We carry this product in two sizes: 1.9 FL oz ($7.99) and 4 FL oz ($12.99) and is located back on the customer service counter and is also on display inside of our gun case.

If either of these two products fit your lifestyle or hobbies, stop down at our store today and pick yourself up a bottle or two!

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