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Winter Weather Warrior

With winter already here, some projects around the house might be coming to a halt.

But, with the introduction of cold weather, comes a whole new list of projects to accomplish before the deep-freeze hits. From the basement to the attic, and even to the outside of the house, B&B has everything you need to weatherproof your home.

A good way to start the process, is to assess any and all problem areas the home may have with the infiltration of air. This includes checking doorways for a proper seal between the door and the frame and also to the floor, so no air can escape or enter. The solution to this, is to get a door sweep. These easily attach to the bottom of the door or, some models, wrap around the bottom of the door in a U-shape. Another way of sealing doorways, is to use an adhesive backed weather-stripping to create an air-proof seal in the frame itself.

Another big problem area are the windows. Unless you have just done a remodel or have decently newer windows, majority of the time windows will still let air through, especially on windy days. A way to fight this, is to install heat shrink window film. This clear, plastic film will allow natural light to come though, but protect against cold drafts. Easily installed in 5 minutes, with minimal tools, window film will help fight the electricity bills in the colder months. Ranging in size from small basement windows to large sliding/patio doors and even in a bulk roll, B&B has a window film to fit any window in the house.

One of the more critical areas to secure would be any outdoor plumbing or any exposed plumbing. Too many times have we seen busted water lines that could have been avoided with a couple simple items. First, we highly recommend that if you have an outdoor water faucet, that it is one fitted to be Frost-Free and anti-siphoning. The anti-siphon will help drain any existing water in the pipe so it doesn't flow backwards, freeze, and burst. Another way to help insure your pipes will last the winter, is to use electric heat tape and pipe insulation. Heat tape will help keep the pipes at a constant/consistent temperature and not allow it to freeze like the surrounding air. Combine this with wrapping the pipes and heat tape in a fiberglass insulation and you're covered.

When it comes to home protection against winter weather, one of the greatest things to always have on hand is ice-melter. No one likes to take a step on their porch and slide down the stairs or sidewalk. B&B carries all styles of ice melting supplies from shaker bottles up to 50lb bags of rock salt. As a preventative, we supply a liquid ice melter that you pour/spray on high traffic areas to avoid ice in the first place.

After you have winterized your home, make sure you have all of your snow emergency tools accessible and at the ready for your travels. Some things to help out automotive-wise when it comes to winter are: de-icers, anti-foggers, lock-ease, and silicone spray. To help combat a frozen windshield, use something like a "Sno-Shield" canvas window cover or a spray on de-icer.

To fight against fogging windows, Rain-X makes an "Anti-Fog" that you put on the inside of your windows to help prevent condensation build up. If your locks or your doors are hard opening in the winter, use something like a silicone spray on the lock and around the door before weather begins. We recommend you purchase a container of some kind to store any roadside emergency tools you may need in your trunk. This includes: a scraper, extra clothes, gloves, safety blanket, flares, road markers, cat litter/oil dry/sand, and if possible, some kind of non-perishable in case of a long stay. Make sure your battery is charged and you have a full tank of gas in case of any roadside emergency.

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